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So i stumbled across a thread the other day, basically saying its frowned upon when people sign up - ask for assistance with a car fault etc and then disappear, never to be heard from again. [granted i'm guilty of this sometimes]

i'm talking the kind of info that some of you seem to have on the top of your head, but joe public has to pay a specialist for.

so i was thinking, we all have day jobs, maybe we can share the knowledge in other areas, or trade work?

for example, i repair small engines and garden machinery [lawnmowers/chainsaw/brush cutters etc]

i'd be more than happy to offer assistance, advice or answer questions about this sorta thing.
if we could build up a working database of who does what, maybe we could trade.

i'll service your chain saw if you tell me what that godawful noise from my brakes is...... that sorta thing?

i'm guessing with 3000+ members, between us we could cover a lot of info.


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There isn't a problem with people who don't know a great deal about Peugeots joining and asking for assistance. It's just some come, ask the question, get the right answer and are never heard from again. I knew nothing about Peugeots when I joined after I bought my first 307 but I stuck around, read as many threads, regardless of the model as I could and tried to learn as much as I could. I now know a number of things that seem specific to models I have never owned or worked on simply by reading and can in some cases help others out.

We want and need people who are willing to expand their knowledge and help others out if and when they can. Yes there are a number of members who seem to walking encyclopedias regarding Peugeots but that is through years of experience which is the best way to gain knowledge in my opinion. What we don't need are people who only bother when they need something and aren't prepared to try and give something back.

No-one is going to give you a hard time because you haven't already got instant answers but if you are active that will start to come and one day you will be among those with answers off the top of your head - just as you are in your day job. I've had a varied career during my many years since leaving school covering many different types of equipment from the early days repairing cars before an ECU was even an idea in some genius's mind to high speed mail inserters to cheque reader sorters and domestic appliances and nobody has required my assistance on their washing machine before helping me with an issue with my car.

You'll be fine, join in when you can and in the meantime, read as much as you can even if it has no relation to something you are currently experiencing cause one day you might have a new issue and remember reading about it and already know what to look for and how to go about resolving it.

Welcomr to the forun as well :)

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Well said storeman

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Of course its not just people joining the forums needing help to fix /have an issue with their car, but people, which I am one, who joined to find out what people were saying about the model I was considering buying, (which have now since bought).

Like Storeman says, by just reading the posts can hugely help expand your knowledge and, when you feel comfortable, chip in with a post of your own.

I have learnt so much from the forum about the 3008 and would never have gleamed so much from, it must be said, the vague handbook descriptions.

Again as said by Storeman...welcome to the forum.
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