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...from Wiltshire :thumb:

So I've just got myself a 307 (56 plate se sw 1.6hdi 110), not my first pug, but the most modern - I'm gonna need to be pp2k shopping :lol:

Had a variety myself over the years, and had responsibility for a few others:

Learned in a 106...
Had a 405 when I was a taxi driver.
A 306 that the 307 is replacing. (Anyone interested in a '01 1.6petrol with a ruined gearbox? :rolleyes: )

Shared a 104 with the wife when we lived in France for a bit.

Wife's had a Talbot Horizon (pretty much a pug ;)), 306, 2*106 (currently has a '95 'new' 106 1.5d).

Looked after a pair of 106s of my mum's.

Then there was the Citroens, but let's not go there...

Anyway, probably going to have a few questions crop up and hopefully might be able to help answer a few too.
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