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Hi all, Happy New Year.
My name is Michelle(Pinky is my nickname)

I have a Peugeot 307 Style Estate 1.4 petrol 2002.
Have owed it almost 8 years,
current mileage approx 127000,
Has been a brilliant reliable car, has passed MOT every year with no extra costs(couple of advisories, brakes, tyres etc.
Had a new clutch a couple of years ago, also a recon gearbox as was jumping out of 5th gear.
It, been a proper workhorse, We drive to France every year fully loaded with Fishing gear and roof box, It can struggle up steep hills,
ABS fault always on, as per most of you know.
However, I'm at a loose end at the moment, to keep or give up on it.
Has recently had engine management light on intermittently, and running rough, had anti pollution fault, but not now. Is misfiring and now catalytic converter fault, and wont start. I have stopped using it now. A friend is going to come and use his fault reader, but think its just a cheapy one, and unsure if will give me answers I need.... I have been told Planet is best. I have looked to buy one ebay, but not too sure if correct one as various ones on there.
Can anybody please advise me as to which one. I refuse to give up on my car until I know not worth fixing.
Many thanks and sorry for the essay.
I'm also on Peugeot 307 fb page, which I find really useful sharing similar stories with members

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Welcome to the forum!

I had a similar problem with the MIL/Check Engine Light and anti-polution error message.

The car ran fine (i.e. not rough at all), but after connecting Planet it diagnosed a faulty coil pack. I replaced this and cleared the fault - been fine ever since!

From memory, Planet and the Lexia interface cost me around £80 from eBay. I would avoid the cheaper ones on there as they may not be legit. I also made a point of purchasing from a seller that had sold over 100 of these items - just to be on the safe side.

I've also used Planet to retro-fit cruise control to the car and I run a check for any faults each time I perform a service (or I suspect something is wrong). So, it's more than paid for itself.

Hope this helps.
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