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Hi everyone. Got a 307 on a Y plate. 2.0 HDI 90. Enjoying the car and thought I'd get in and start learning a bit about it etc..

Not new to car mechanics, been tinkering with cars for years, previously owned a rover coupe turbo and a subaru impreza wrx so more than used to a bit of speed and modding. Got a sensible car now due to we now have kids. But now things are a bit easier than they were originally so I wanna start thinking of mods. Not really bothered by styling, tuning FTW.

My main aim with the car over the next 5 or so years is to get it pushing around 200BHP and start making biodiesel. Got a long road ahead of me to get there but I reckon its doable.

Also very good with electronics if anybody ever needs any help with soldering or anything of that sort of nature.

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