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Hi guys,

Few weeks ago i could not start my pug 407, display show immobiliser fault. Well i did call black smith out to reprogram the key ( fob was locking and unlocking + opening the boot, just not starting the engine).
He come over and said he can do that, but i wont be able to lock or unlock my vehicle...
I had to choose and of course i have chosen to have running engine, but could not lock it. He said my key is not recognised and he have to cut new key without any buttons. My remote was still working. So he done new key and reprogramed, then my remote does not worked any more. I thought i will not pay any more money to get things done, so i bought pp2000, diagbox and new key with chip and trasponder. I managed to program key but it still not locking or unlocking. Tried 3 different ways of sync : the one pp2000 shows, and another ways i could find in the forum. I have done scan with diagbox and shows that HF receiver is not found.

My question is there is the way to de-activate receiver through his interface (it was not pp2000 or diagbox, something else).

Also old original key were 0523, and new one is 0536, could that do a difference?

Thank you for anny suggestions.
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