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I own a 206LX 1.1 2001 (y reg) - other than running rich was sound until .... I took my key to get a spare priced but did not proceed with a purchase. When i next tried it the car would not start (it cranks but not fire) occassionally it plops like its trying to fire - I have (well my husband) replaced the brown ECU module & the crank sensor. The Battery is fairly new as is the coil pack. We have tried BSI reboot still nothing! checked all fuses (in dash & engine bay) & Wiring all seems good. We changed the battery in the key fob (1 button type) & now the button wont work the locks & seem unable to programme that! I have put the key next to the ignition and opened the door & it still beeps so seems mapped to the BSI. when we put the reader on it display reads cannot find ECU - My husbands is usually good with cars but this has got him stumped - I really need help as the kids are home & I will be carless for easter holidays TIA
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