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Just stumbled on this placce and it looks a mine of information :thumb:

I have a few Q's that I hope will get answered to help me sort my car(s) out -

We have a 206 and got the dreaded ABS/AIRBAG/STOP/EM/No Speedo lights on syndrome which I believe (and has been diagnosed as such by the main agent) to be the ABS ECU/PUMP unit. I'm IT savvy so have every confidence I'll get the Planet up and running but before I invest in the comms board Lexia 3 I would like to know if it will allow me to carry out the following:

  1. Allow me to reconfigure/code the new ECU to the engine management ECU and any other configs required to install a replacement ECU
  2. On my 407 - turn off the folding mirrors on activation of the door lock
much appreciated, :):):)
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