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hi there im after some advice on my pug ive just bought. I purchased a 82 505sti 2litre k-jetronic, got it cheap.

the car has never really run that good and ad a lack of power and a little miss when you put the boot down. I then had to replace the starter motor as the solenoid shorted out as the units bolts had come loose.

Now since i have done this the car will sart up, sometimes it wont strait away and you have to put the boot flat to get it to fire, it has always done this. once its idling it seems ok, not perfect but a bit rough.

It will rev and seem fine when sitting there but when you go to drive it it will start to do what seems like a miss and cough away, and stall. most of the time it might only make it 5 meters before stalling.

now i have changed the coil back to the original one as i had replaced it. After i did this it seemed to improve the prob but it was still there, i could just drive slightly further than before. Ive played around with the firing order heaps, turned the dizzy cap 180 deg as i had it off doing the starter motor, all to no avail. I also took no 1 lead off while running and when about 2 inches from the plug i get a loud clicking so it seems to have a stong spark. I am now wonering about fuel filters etc

Any help would be appreciated

Thanks Ken

You need a K-Jet workshop manual. They're nasty systems when they go wrong, and don't self diagnose and store trouble codes like modern stuff. It doesn't help that certain components such as the Air Mass Meter and Fuel Pressure Regulator etc are often adjustable, so even when everything is working fine it'll need setting up on a gas analyser.

Good news is that parts are common with the earlier injected Volvo 240s so you should have no problems there.
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