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Hey guys.

My little pug is poorly and could really do with some help with this.

It's a 2006 Peugeot 307 1.4 petrol

The car had the "Anti Pollution faulty" with the check engine light. It was solid but would come and go so at first I ignored it.

I don't know if it's coincidence or not but one day we went really low on Fuel and the car began to stutter. We went and filled up with fuel but the car was still stuttering and losing power. The check engine light then began flashing.

We got it diagnosed. The fault codes were


My husband ran out and bought a Map Sensor and I fitted it. It didnt make a difference. He also bought a crankshaft position sensor but I doubt it will help much either.

It's rough idling, it loses power and it seems it goes into limp mode or something. When sitting idle you can feel the car shudder.

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Many thanks

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how long ago did you run out of petrol - to what the car is doing now?

From another post someone said
"fault code U1218
After sales description of the fault code Intersystems CAN : One of the parameters present in a datastream sent by the BSI is invalid
Description of the diagnostics Faults in communication between ECUs on the CAN network
Conditions of activation of the diagnostics At least one of the following conditions must be fulfilled
- Ignition switched on
- Engine running
Conditions of disappearance of the fault Driving for 5 minutes
Down-grade modes if fault present -
Switching on of the warning light and/or warning message Warning lamp SERVICE
Main customer complaints likely Jerking/stalling
Starting problem
Lack of power
Suspect areas Engine ECU
Intersystem CAN network"

Also this related post seems intresting

and this one

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What diagnostics set up was used to read the faults?

You're best off getting live running data on Peugeot Planet or Diagbox, fault codes can help but sometimes you need more info about what the car is doing, rather than what has happened.

The shudder could be because of the P1336 error code - depending on your ECU it could be a misfire or the cam/crank sync. This is why live data is useful.

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Reading codes and just fitting the parts that the codes relate to rarely actually works :)

That is the method crap garages use !

My bet is its a blocked injector these engines are prone to injector failure which causes a missfire and your running out incident may have tipped 1 over the edge
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