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I'd love to here from anyone who has an idea as to where there is a poor wiring connection in my 406 estate. The car has no crash damage and is basically original. as an executive model it has 6 cd changer and original separate JBL amplifier in the boot. (Iv already changed this and not got a fix)

Simply the rear speakers go on and off at any time. It does not take a bump in the road to change this, neither is there any 'crack' or 'crackle' from any speakers when the rear speakers go on or off. I've checked the radio /tape deck in detail- no dry joints and all outputs to speakers live.
I've cleaned or changed all relevant fuses and wiggled connections to all the audio units to no avail.

So question is , before I take the carpets up and trim panels out, to expose cables- is there good place to check for a duff connection, bad earth etc please?

any advice appreciated
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