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My wife,Lynda has a 2001 406 90hp HDI
Was running great, till I did a service,changing oil, air & FUEL Filter.
Then it would run for a minute, sometimes two, then cut out.
It also has Engine fault light on.
After chatting to a few people, I thought it was air in the fuel system, apparently they can be difficult to clear sometimes, although they are supposed to be self bleeding.
We ended up putting clear hoses from Fuel filter & on the return pipe to tank,
so we could see any air. Eventually we got it running clear,with no bubbles. car starts ok & runs nice on tickover for up to 10 minutes, then cuts out.
Test drive.... goes 400 metres... cuts out.
when we turn ignition off & on again, the low pressure pump runs up,
but it only does this, after we have heard both relays click in.
we tested the terminals to low pressure pump relay. bridging terminals 4 & 8 brings the pump on even with ignition off, so that seems to be ok.
The High pressure fuel pump was replaced about 15000 miles ago.
I did a visual check on all the wiring & terminals,
It is worth noting, that after having stopped, it wont start at-all unless we have waited for the second relay to click in.
I am assuming, the first relay is the glow plugs, & the second relay is the Low pressure fuel pump.
Any help would be appreciated, what should have been a twenty minute job, has now taken two weekends.
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