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I'm hoping anyone can help me and point me in the right direction. I've got a:
2004 307 HDI xsi - RHR engine if that makes a difference.

took my car to a local garage and done a scan on it as it's throwing out a lot of black smoke on acceleration.

They use a snap on diagnostic machine and comes up with P1445 - diesel additive system too high. (there's about half a tank of fluid).

The particie filter load is 23% and that was at 723rpm.
Exhaust differential pressure - 0% (probably due to just idling)
Distance travelled since last reg = 1210

(increased rpm to 1152 then to 1792 & filter load was still 23% - diff pressure = 0) @ 1792 differential pressure at 85mbars)

So the fault that would not clear is P1445, so looking to see if anyone can help. I have thought about buying pp from ebay but not sure i'd know what to do even if i had it).

The garage couldn't put the car through a stationary regen and they have said probably due to this error code.

So if there's anyone that can please help.

I'm from Newcastle area if this helps if someone has a pp.

I'm a bit reluctant going to a main dealer at the minute.

many many thanks.


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