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Hello everyone,

I need some help. Recently (Like half a year ago) I bought a Peugeot 406 2.1 td and recently it started having some problems. It all started when I noticed some air bubbles in the fuel line coming from the fuel filter, even though it wasn't that bad it was bugging me quite a bit, I figured out the source - the air was coming in from a white thingy on the filter housing (no idea what it's called )
(Visible on the top left)

So I just screwed it in and the air bubbles went away.

However, recently I found another problem previous owner left - the fuel sending unit retainer was non existent, it was being held only by a thin wire... So we fixed it, and then it all started..

When the engine is warm, it feels like the car doesn't drop the throttle right away, when you hit the clutch you can hear the revs go up by like 100 RPM.
Sometimes the revs won't even drop to the normal 950, and starts fluctuating from 1500 to 1750.

When I popped the hood after the revs went back to normal, I saw that the fuel line coming from fuel filter housing was filled with huge air bubbles, even though the thing I screwed back in is in place.

Could you help me figure out what is the deal with this thing? Thanks in advance..
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