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Hi everyone,

Not sure if anyone can help but I have been having major issues with petrol turbo 308 peugoet automatic 2008. All started when cruise control stopped working then fault came up on the screen saying faulty depollution system. No one has been able to fix the problem. I have spent heaps of money with mechanic and peugoet dealer with no luck. Changed turbo which wasn't the problem so wasted money on turbo grrhhh

Anyway these are the issues currently having

* sometimes in morning the car will keep stroll and not go but after few tries will get the car going

* car is okay if you rev between 2 and 3 revs

* when you stop at the lights and then go on you have to rev car up near 3 revs then take foot off accelerator then rev again up to 3 revs because if you put your foot flat down the car will like bunny hop and not have any power and will go into limp mode

* now the kilometres on the dash that tell you how many km's until need fill up is not working correctly because one time driving was on 620kms then 10mins dropped to 500kms then after hour went up to 820kms then 10mins back down to 600kms.

* If you let car go 200kms on dash or under i.e 200kms until fill up and you drive the car will drop kms very quickly and will just play up like it is blocked somewhere and not receiving fuel

Any ideas????????

What would you look at first????

Latest mechanic said it is the fuel pump but one near the motor not the one in the tank. They say the car fuel pressure is low

Then spoke to another mechanic who is good with peugoet's they said most likely a timing issues and the chain has stretched on the car because these cars are known to have motor issues / timing problems, This is going to cost over 2grand mark if it is that problem
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