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Hi all
i have peugeot 308 1.2puretech 130hp , 100,000km , i get a service light on ( engine fault )
the faults i found ( on dealer computer ) is :

P3061 , P3060 , P1032 , P1033 , P1034
and cant ears the faults at all !
they said that the car need a valve carbon cleaning all the 5 faults is from the carbon on the intake valves
the car with no issues drive normal ,my question is the 5 faults is really for intake carbon build up problem ?
on the 1.6THP i know its a common issue but on the 1.2 puretech i didnt see any one that get a carbon build up problem and do a walnut blasting
someone have the same faults code ? what i should do ? im 3 months drive with the service light on cant read or ears by my obd scaner ( dont know why )
thanks all
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