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I recently had to have clutch done on my Peugeot 407 1.6 Hdi, which of very bloody costly! And made the stupid mistake of taking it to an idiot to do!

He gave us the car back with the baseplate not properly attached and it came off on the fast line of the moterway! Got picked up by adac who informed us that the clutch slave cylinder was leaking too... which i believe it is as we have makes on floor where car is parked

The heating has never worked properly since he fixed it either, It worked fine before. Its the control panel, it does what it wants? when it decides to turn on it does blow hot air, but the buttons on the panel are totally non responsive?

I think from reading on here its to do with the BSI, if the BSI spiked is it totally ruined.... what are my options if so?

The engine warning light is almost always on! and also have the depollution filter error warning too!

not to mention the fact that 2 of the fuel injectors are leaking all over the place and need replacing or ive been told they can be refreshed.

I do have error codes, could someone help PLEASEEEEE?

this car is killing me :mad: its already cost 1200euros so far on clutch and new cam belt







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€1200 is about right for doing a clutch and flywheel on one of those. P0238 fault is a turbo boost problem anyway. Ill have to look up the rest.

You've an additive low fault too. Particle fluid additive needs filling.

P0341 is a cam position fault. If car is running i wouldn't worry about that.

P0100 thats an airflow meter problem or something else airflow related.

The injectors leaking are a very common problem in this engine and the lad doing the clutch wouldn't have had any reason to go near them.

The heater blowing hot is a common problem in the 407 also. The flaps are probably broken in the heaterbox.

Are you based in Irl judging by the Euros price?
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Hi David? Thanks

we are in germany, posted with the army.

Is particle fluid additive easy to get hold of? what would you recommend?

(sorry for stupid questions)

In regards the the heater, i dont think its the flap problem. Its a problem with the controls? the panel does what it wants? sometimes it works and the buttons respond, sometimes nothing and sometimes it just does what it want?? someone suggested that taking the battery out wrong could of caused a problem? a spike? do you know if a spike would be a big problem?

I know the injectors were leaking before he had it for repair, we became away of these quite soon after we brought it.

thanks :)
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