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hello ive had my 807 for 3 years now. it was ok for the first year and then it started losing power from time to time so i took it to main dealer to have a new turbo fitted got it bk to find it was still the same. bk in it went and when i got it bk it seemed to be fine for 6 months and it lost power again so it went back in for another turbo full exhaust and lots more stuff.
got it back and now its smoking lots of grey smoke on start up and seems to be missing one cylinder this was the way i got it back from peugeot dealer
who told me he cant see anything up with it and was asking me for another £1000 to check the pistens and rings on it he never done a presure test on it as he was worried they might burst the glow plugs or injectors testing it.
will the pistons be the problem or am i flogging a dead horse.... with all the cash i have paid i might have been better buying a recon engine but i cant afford this now.
the car is an 03 plate and is out of warranty now so my mate is going to give me a hand strip it down and look at it
will the rings be the problem????????
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