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I have a 306 S16 and unfortunately for me the big ends have gone. I now have the block in bits and upon inspection of the crank, the number one journal has ground itself down beyond the tolerances of new bearings (I've been on the phone and looked in several books, the only size I can get for big ends is 0.3mm main ends go all the way to 0.75mm) anyway, the inevitable question is, which blocks can I use intstead? I know the citroen zx and xantia both used the same engine, and so did the MI16, but finding one cheap isn't easy. Peugeot/Citroen made so many 2litre engines that I find it difficult to believe they used a different block for each 1. I thought it would probably be best to ask some people who might know before rushing, buying any engine and finding my head doesn't fit. Cheers to all those that help with my plight.


PS please don't suggest dropping a GTi6 engine in. They go for way too much money.
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