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So I bought the right type of wiring harness adapters etc to change my stereo, thinking it's a plug-n-play sort of job (I've done these before) but I found a couple of things which I couldn't figure out.

First, I found what appears to be an amplifier for the antenna. No matter, this I can get around.

Then, I found a red wire with black 'rings' on it. One end disappears into the glovebox fuse compartment, where it connects with a bullet connector and becomes purple on the other end.

Then the other end of the wire terminates into what appears to be a little vampire clip junction box sort of thing. There are 2 wires going from this junction box. One red wire which goes into the connector for the stereo, and a black wire which has a 3A fuse on it then disappears into the drivers side kick panel area.

Doesn't make any sense to me. I was expecting to pull the old stereo and harness, then install the new wiring harness and plug my new stereo in and call it a day.

Can anyone take a look at the below photo and advise how I can remove this?

Basically I need to take everything out so I can use the harness which I purchased.

The car has the original stereo in it still, NOT the RD4, this car came without that. It came with a Panasonic C1303DP which looks like this.
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