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Hey guys im new to the sight and im just introducing myself lol.:p :D

now i have introduced myself ive got a question lol.

i have a peugeot 306 and i want to get it lowered and put alloys on it, i do not want 17s as ive read when they are lowered they rub alot. I have also read that lowering it 40mm will not look that good?

i was just looking to know if i go for 16 inch rims how low could i drop it without it rubbing?? and would it look good??

also if i were to put 15s on it and drop it how low would it go b4 rubbing?? and would it look good??

finally if i do drop it more than 40mm could you suggest springs that will do the job?? i dont have the money for coliovers or anything like that i just have the money for springs.

thanks guys!!:thumb:
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