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Hey guys,

So I used to have a 306 2.0 HDI. Gorgeous car - had it from around 150k miles and it ran just fine. Gorgeous leather interior, very comfy.

Anyway while I had the car there was a strange problem that neither me nor my local mechanics could ever properly diagnose.

When turning to the right (ie, around a roundabout) there would be a sort of buzzing noise which appeared to come from the N/S front.

Naturally at the first we figured it was the bearings starting to fail, and we replaced them. No difference. Of course we replaced the tyres/wheels just to check and that made no difference either. There was play in the N/S shaft so we replaced the box - again no difference.

I eventually got rid of the car without ever figuring it out. It otherwise drove fine!

I remember reading it could have been related to the engine mounts somehow, but I'm really not sure. I ruled out a connection to throttle or load on the engine; it happened in neutral or with the clutch depressed no differently than with my foot to the floor.

It was a 'buzz' not unlike failing bearings. Or as if something plastic was rubbing against the wheel. One of the first things we considered was actually a piece of the archlining that fouled the tyre when at full lock, but this noise would happen even with a slight amount of turn (ie changing lanes on a motorway).

It was quieter when slow, increasing in volume with speed.

Anyway - I got talking about it today and thought i'd mention it here on the off chance that someone could finally solve this mystery for me!

I plan on buying a 307 some time in the new year, again a HDI, so I dunno maybe the explanation will be relevant somehow.

Cheers! And Merry Christmas!

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