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Hello friends,
Been on the internet all night in the hope of finding this worrying problem.
I have a 406 HDi and I love it.
But just recently I started hearing the central locking kicking in while driving!
Opening the door from the inside obviously opened the locking, but today, things got a whole lot worse. We was actually locked in, opening from the inside had no effect. I had to use the remote on the key (from inside) to open the door? While the door was open, I heard the locking kicking in again, then off again, almost as if something was shorting somewhere?
All these problems are still there, but now it also happens when I have started the engine, and also when turning the engine off? I'm getting really worried now, what if I leave the car somewhere (locked) and come back to find it unlocked (by itself). This is probably the best car I have ever owned, although I'm not great on how they work, I enjoy every minute of driving it.
Any help would be really appreciated, thanks in advance.
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