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Hi guys, sorry this is my first post, but to be honest its the first time ive had a problem with a pug that I cannot sort.

I have been an diesel fan for many years and ran a 1.9 306, HDI 306 and more recently a 307 2.0 HDI - its been nothing but bother.

02 plate. was fine for a week - then got the unblock diesel filter message - which I believe is the DPF, im not worried about that.

I keep getting the ESP/ASR not functioning message followed by limp mode. But it only happens at 60 plus. when the car is stopped & started - no messages, and will be fine again til 60 - limp mode - I have cleaned the rear wheel sensors (per the search) - they where filthy as was the ring on the hub. I didnt clean the rust off of where it sits though - I didnt see this as an issue - the gap seemed fairly small at 1mm...................................

Im stuck now & need a plug in. I reused to pay main dealer prices, can anyone here help me please?
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