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needing help,

mother in laws car playing up, yeah

tried search, nothing came up, so. ...

uk car, diesel, automatic

car stopped driving correctly, now wont even start, starter wont crank over
battery flat, so its on charge to test
also, used jump leads, wont start

came up with following fault codes

- CFC300P - P171A
- BSI - F5FF
- GEP - P0562
- GEP - C1178
- EMF - F8EB

so going to put charged or new battery in, recheck codes, as am sure some are due to battery etc

need help with car not starting and driving through gears correctly

any help greatly appreciated


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well, flat battery wasnt helping,
so charged and tested, battery ok, refitted, found interior lights on, why ? who knows lol turned them off
took out of economy mode with pp2000
then checked and erased dtc's
still a few above
so, removed and reset brake light switch, refitted
checked dtc's
erased all dtc's as was now able to
road tested,
came back on with a few dtcs, mainly saying brake light switch
ordered new brake light switch
fitted new brake light switch
erased dtcs
road tested
no faults at present, rechecked dtcs, none found
so will road test next few days and see
but all good so far

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