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Hi all

This is an 2004 model.

Hope some of you might have a solution to this problem.
I have had the car at the Peugeot work shop 6 times witht his fault, but still it keep happening.

What happens is as follows, I am driving my car, everyything works fine. I pull up to got to the ex. shop. Whwn I put the car in PARK, and I do not shut the engine off. When I want to drive off, I can not get the car out of park!!
-Brake lights works fine.
- In the display where it shows what gear the car is in, the letter R is blinking as loong as the error is there.
-Solenoiode in the shifter does not "click" in.
-If I get out of the car and push it about 2,5cm (1") I can hear a click from some relay in the engine compartment and everything works fine.
Until next time it happends, this can happen maybe 4 - 8 times a year. So
-Peugeot can not read anny errors from the car, after this has happend.
-Not any help in getting it towed to the garage, since the error will be gone after the car is pushed for a few centimeters.

I can understand that this is a hard one to find.

I live in Norway and we have ALOT of snow now, and the car is standing outside my house with the error on it now. Can not push it alone now, due to the snow. This happends also in the summer.


I will be glad for all help and tips from you out there that might have an idea or have had this happend to you

Kind regards

Marius Bremseth
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