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I just introduced myself here but I'll expand a bit on the Boxer stuff for you.

1996 Boxer 1.9ted passenger van. I found this for a low price because a turbo hose had burst in a hidden spot, and everyone thought the turbo was dead, including me. It was a pleasant surprise to find the split hose! The 1.9ted really has a lot of spunk once I turned up the fuel a fair amount. The NVH (noise vibration harshness) is however pretty bad. But beggars can't be choosers, and for €3500 I am happy with the purchase. I renewed the brakes including disks/drums, rear springs (2 clicks heavier from a utility model), radiator, exhaust (sporty shorty 2.5" now), wheel bearings, and a bit more. It had a pesky wiring problem that took months to solve; if interested let me know. My only main remaining issue is, unfortunately, semi-serious rust along the RH side of the unibody due to winter salt :(

The wiring problem was a real intermittent PITA and took the vehicle right off the road when it acted up. Once we were all dressed up in our gis on the way to workout and Big Ben (that's his name) died stone cold in the next village. Nothing worked except warning flashers, which I had previously wired directly off the battery. We felt a bit silly getting a tow home from a friend. I have the factory manuals available, but the wiring schematics were often wrong! :mad: The factory (FIAT) tried to cover all models with one set of wiring diagrams including northern Europe with its daytime running lights etc. The result is very crowded schematics with too many footnotes and exceptions. The information about relays was just plain wrong for our vehicle.

At the end of the day the whole problem was caused by a burnt multi-connector of low FIAT quality, buried under the dash. Why they can't use quality copper connectors is beyond my imagination. They must save a fair amount by using cheesy aluminium connectors instead, but it was burnt so badly that I'l lucky not to have had a dashboard fire!
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