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`Ello there people of a Peugeot persuasion!
We had a 306 1.6 petrol for about 6 years prior to buying a 307 about 6 months ago.
The 306 was used,abused,only cleaned once a year,and generally neglected until after 161,000 miles was just too tired to put through another MOT.`Twas with a slight twinge of sadness the day i left it at the scrappy`s!
Never had any major problems with it,took only a few quid each year to get another years ticket and NEVER failed to start or broke down.It was a fine car,really....
So,despite reading on t`internet of the sometimes `varied` owners reports on the 307 we went ahead and bought an `02 1.4 hdi.I think it was the prospect of 55mpg and £35 tax that swayed it...

Anyway,for the first few weeks it was fine!
Initial impressions were good - 650 miles to a tank of fuel etc,then a few probs reared their ugly heads.
First off the `coolant low` warning lamp came on.Topped it up a couple of times..
The third time it came on i knew something was amiss,so i bought a bottle of some of that magic `fix-all-leaks-snake-oil` type stuff and chucked it in the expansion bottle.
I`ve always been skeptical about these cheezy cure-alls in a bottle,but 3 months later the coolant level has stayed at the max mark.
My ghast remains flabbered!
Next was the lethargic starter motor.
Was getting a bit hard to turn over.
Then,when my wife was 135 miles from home it gave up completely.
A push start and insrtuctions to not stall the engine at any costs got her all the way home.
It was a completely worn out comm;funny end-on jobbies on these,arn`t they? Still cost me £100 quid to fix though,and what a complete arse of a job to figure out where the three fixing bolts were....

Next warning light to flash up and delight us was the old "ABS fault" chestnut.
After scrabbling about under the car cleaning/checking the sensors which resulted in nothing i paid someone £52 for 10 minutes on a diagnostic:"o/s rear sensor intermittant.That`ll be £150 for fitting a new hub,sir"
I booked it in to have the work done,but after regaining my senses decided to have another look myself after learning of the rust build up behind the sensor which push it out of range of the pick-up ring.
Cleaned it up myself and saved a hundred and fifty quid.Thank you the internet!

Anyway,it` going OK for the time being,except the mpg seems to have taken a beating.Only got 45/46 going down to Devon recently...

Thats not good enough.
Any ideas what might be causing that?
Is it the cold weather - my coolant gauge says about 70 C,is that a tad low?


oh yeah,and it failed the mot,of course.
Broken rear spring.Add £60 to the running costs.
I hope thats all the new-owner teething troubles over....

Could be the cold - diseasels like a good bi of heat in them to run truly efficintly, and the cold weather trebled the time it took my 407 to get up to normal orperating temp, that's 3 times the mileage on the cold running program.
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