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hello everyone , sorry to be asking for help in my first post , i only just got my self another pug after year without one , used to have lots of 205's as a young man :)

now i feel very old with my 2002 307 hdi but its a nice car apart from a cant get the bloody door open . the mrs aint happy about climbing over the hand break and im not happy if shes driving

so on to the problem , i cant get the passenger door open , google brings up lots with the same problem but no good answers .

people seem to get stuck at the door card but i knew this had to come off and have managed to get it off with not to much damage :D clever me

now iv got all the plasic gards out the way and have good accses to all the levers etc but have tryed fiddleing with everything and cant get it to open , its looks like its working but the door just dont open :mad:

here's a pic , any ideas ? many thanks for reading this D

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