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Hi i work for Gateway Peugeot in Crewe, Cheshire i was google(ing) RCZ forum and saw this so thought i would join and see whats what!!!
The RCZ is a big turning point for Peugeot as it signifies (at the 200th birthday of the brand) a new direction of quality that Peugeot are heading towards, the RCZ is made at a very prestigious factory where the aston martin rapide was made.
We have ALL at every dealer in the uk (sales , admin, service etc) been on a training day at head office in coventry where the focus for the future is on customer service and with the SR1 and our electric car coming out very soon ,the whole brand image of Peugeot is on the up!! exciting stuff!!!
Just a quick note to admin are you going to change the heading to the new Peugeot logo?
by the way below is the email i have been sending to RCZ customers!!!


We have our RCZ demonstrator available from the weekend of 21st and 22nd of May 2010...........

To arrange your test drive of this highly anticipated car please call or email me for an appointed time to avoid dissapointment.

Have a look at the new RCZ advert @ or become a ''fan'' of the RCZ and stand a chance of winning one on Facebook[/url] ..... and join our Facebook site search for Gateway Peugeot Crewe and click ''JOIN'' for latest offers and info!!!

If you have an iphone why not download the free RCZ app or of course you can build your own @

It has had a very impressive response from the press, autoexpress magazine , diesel car magazine, ALL the major newspaper motoring columnists think this truly beautiful car is the best in its very unique class!!!!

There is only going to be 2,500 made per year from a very prestigious factory in austria which has built the Aston Martin Rapide (for more[/url]) and they are selling fast so get your order in a.s.a.p!!!

If you have any questions please call or email me on [email protected]


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