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I bought a big pile of two part epoxy adhesive yesterday with the plan of tackling the heater flaps today.

I waited a while for the Hogmanay Hangover to clear then went out to "La chose de *****". Immediately my suspicions were aroused when I noticed that the airbag over the pedals was sitting squint. Broken clips at the top....hmmm.

Removed the airbag. noticing that the earth wire on it was only just touching. I'm hoping this is why it beeps at me constantly with an airbag fault. Does it at least 30 odd times on my way into work.

Anyway, after removing the airbag the full horror of the situation was immediately obvious. The heater flap repair had been attempted before... by a ******* gorilla by the look of it. There was half a tube of mastic covering the whole thing. The servo motor was only attached by one screw and the electrical connector wasnt connected. After removing the servo, a big chunk of the side of the heater unit fell off. The flap itself had several woodscrews going through it locking it into the full heat position. The broken bit was completely missing. The piece of plastic that fell off was made up of three or four broken bits that were screwed together with more wood screws and bits of metal and tons of mastic. Completely, totally and utterly irreparable.

I moved the flap round a little off of full furnace and stuck the whole thing back together with liberal amounts of duct tape. I'm at least getting cold air on my side now but the bloody charnwood that's cooking my left leg is still the temperature of the sun. That was my main gripe with the temperature!

The passenger side is still baking hot and i havent even looked at whatever bourach has been left there. I'm assuming the "repair" was done by the same "mechanic" that did the front suspension. I thought it slightly strange that the guy i bought it off made such a fuss about how good the heater was and how he loved the heat.

On the plus side, the airbag fault light and beep didnt go off in the twenty minute or so test drive to get it hot (and circulate the antifreeze I put in).

Mod note: Please keep language clean. While I'm sure there aren't many kids interested in your flaps the point is it's visable to all. Stevo
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