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Car novice here. I have a 2005 307 and all sorts of weird and wonderful things are going on with the fan. The car has been in the family since new and I now have it as a run around. When given it, setting 2 on the fan didn't work but 1,3 and 4 did. I then had it cut out all together.

My brother had a go at fixing and found a loose wire. Difficult to attached through hole in dash but he managed it. This worked for about a week and kept happening. However after at total cut out it looks like the resister has burned out. We replaced this only to get a burning smell rather quickly. This time 4 and 3 cut out and a week or so later nothing again.

Got another replacement and actually have it hanging out in footwell for ease of access. Again, 4 cut out quickly and two weeks later the lot has gone again.

Its beyond my brother's skills and certainly mine.

I have heard that this is common on the older cars. Is it a re-wiring job and if so does anyone have a estimate as to how much, so I don't get ripped off?


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