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A few days ago my blower stopped working, none of the settings do anything (0-4), its a manual panel without aircon.
I replaced the resistor below the dashboard with a second hand one and still nothing, I replaced the blower unit itself (awful job) and still nothing. If I connect the blower straight to the battery it spins like its suppose to.

I measured the plug that goes into the blower and its giving me 0v when its off and around 12v on all the other settings, if I start the car and measure again its giving around 13v on all the other settings.

I also checked the ground point near the door underneath the carpet and cleaned them up and still no change, the weird thing is that when I plug in the connector to the blower and measure it then its giving me only around 0.2v!! but as soon as I disconnect its back to around 12v...

I can't for the life of me figure out which fuse I have to check but they all look good anyway?
Unfortunately I can't post a link with the pictures of both my fuse boxes because of my postcount

Anyone got a clue? thanks in advance
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