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heater blower motor

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ive been told that i need a new motor for my blowers. the temperature works fine, but no air comes out.

does anyone know if a motor from a 205 would fit a 306 model?
of where i could get one for less that £70?!?

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heater blower

Try the website ' the parts gateway' they will give you a price, it will be a second hand component but it will come with a guarentee (sorry about the spelling).

Also try the blower resistor, its the cheaper option and its more likely to be this that has failed.

Best of luck Paul
thanks for your help!

just one more question, if you know the answer! - where does the resistor go in the car? so i can check (or ask someone to check!) before i buy the part!

thanks again!
Could i please add, how do/can you tell the temp is ok, if the blower doesnt work?
because if the temperature is on high, you can feel slight heat coming out. it does not blow, but more like putting your hand over a radiator, or fire. and the same if the temp is turned down low, feels like putting your hand in a freezer! hehe.

you can't hear it blowing. i had someone have a look at it for me, and they said that they could tell that the blower motor wanted to go, but couldn't. i dont know much about cars, and the guy keeps saying he'll find something for me, but never does! i cant afford to pay professionals, im a student!

anyway, any help will be great! thanks!
Cheapest place for a blower motor I have found is my local scrappy.

Depending on the fan motor arrangement, it could also be the control electronics attached to the motor. Generally a scrappy will sell you the whole lot as a unit. It is also much easier to fit that way!

As most electronics engineers will tell you, all electronics contains a special magic ingredient - smoke. It is well observed when the smoke leaks out, the electronics no longer works!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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