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Hi guys

It's a 307 Petrol with electronic climate control.

An intermittent fault on the blower fan has been traced to a burnt centre pin on the large connector to the fan itself.

The only real permanent fix is a new loom but I'm having difficulty locating one as the far more common problem is a failed resistor pack - so all search threads lead there!

The loom I'm after is only small and has just four legs:
> One large connector to the top of the blower fan
> One smaller connector to the bottom of the blower fan
> One branch (of small wires) that disappears behind the control panel (presumably to plug in somewhere there
> The main connector which plugs into a 'flying' connector on the main car harness.
The loom has a paper label attached with various numbers printed on it. I've attached a couple of pics of said label.

If someone can identify this loom for me (and, ideally, tell me where I might get one) I'd really appreciate it.



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I don't think that Peugeot sell a repair kit for the climate control models only resistor type a breakers may be willing to chop the end off a loom that you could then get soldered on to your existing loom etc

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