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Hi Everyone

Just thought i would post my heater problem on here so it may help others with the same problem.

I know it is a common problem

My 406 heater started working intermittently recently, power going to the ignition barrel switch but nothing coming out to the fuse box (black single wire) from the ignition barrel switch. The heater worked sometimes if I wiggled the key in the barrel.

To cut a long story short and to my surprise, I was able to disassemble the ignition switch wire and clean the connectors, the black wire connector had a black grease gunge on it, clean it off and a bit of 1000 emery paper cleaned it nicely, when reassembling the switch use a paper clip inserted into the hole in the back of the switch to enable the casing to be refitted correctly,.

So, it is possible to repair these switches without spending anything but a little time and patience.

Have fun and heat afterwards !

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