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Hello car mechanic
I have heat problem in the vehicle coupé (Peugout -00). The temperature is where low when the outside temperature is under approximately -15 degree celsius.

I have check following:

The temperature indicator on Facia are rising, but not going ower70 degree, regardless if the car is rollers or standning still with the engine on.

The thermostat it’s opening with the right temperature, I have disassemble it from the engine and test it in cooking water on a own. It’s worked.

The pipe to the heater it’s cold, very cold. But after 30 minutes travling the inlet air in the coupé is rising slightly. It must mean that I have not get some ice plugs in the internal coolant system.

The expansion vessel have right level of coolant.

So my questions to the expertise on this forum is following:

Why is it impossible to get the motor temperature (coolant in the engine) to 90 degree when the outside temperature is below -15 degree?

And why is not the temperature on the pipe to the heater warm, if the engine temperature in all cases is approximately 70 degree according to the temperature indicator on facia?

Thanks in advance

Best regard
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