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Hi fellow peugeot owners,

I've recently replaced the headunit in my 307 (due to the infamous standard 5cd changer problems - i'll say no more).

My problem now is that my headunit is no longer wired to the ignition - and i havent done any wire chopping or anything like that to give it a constant feed. Now i have to turn it on/off everytime. I know with other cars its simply a case of swapping two wires around, but i think i remember reading in that the 307's are different (something to do with the electrics being activated by the door being opened or something along those lines?!) but i cant seem to find the threads on it (went a good 10 pages in). It's really annoying because my headunit resets everytime i leave it off for longer than 5mins - cd's go bk to the beginning, radio stations reset, and all my EQ settings reset etc.

Has anybody else sorted this problem in their 307 or like?

Thanks in advance for any replies!
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