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Dudes, there's been a massive spike in the number of catalytic converters being stolen off cars over the last few weeks, and it looks set to get worse as the value of Platinum rises. The cost of new cats is also burgeoning because of the cost of the precious metal.

If you ain't got one already, get an alarm - it'll cost around 20% the cost of a new cat, and saves you a lot of inconvenience and grief, and if you're lucky may help your insurance premiums. Right now a lot of folk are doing ferk all to protect their cars, then moaning at me and my colleagues as if it's our fault their cats get half inched, so sort it folks.

Good luck,


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i have a ruger 1022 and cz .22/.17 HMR-is that good enough?:D
seriously though-this metals thing is getting beyond a joke. A whole village near me had it's electricity supply cut off when some pi##ies tied a power cable to the back of their van and drove off. ripping up the cabling!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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