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Can anyone here help?

I have just recently acquired a 2006 307 2.0Hdi (136) SE Estate! While in Holland recently I wanted to drop the headlights. I had to scrabble for the switch as it wasn't illuminated. When I did find it and spun it it stuck the lights up to the highest setting and then wouldn't do anything.
I have checked all fuses and they seem fine. I have taken the switch out and checked for voltages. There are three wires into the switch. One reads 1.9V and the other about 0.4V. This can't be right can it???
I am at a loss. If the fuse is fine where can my voltage be getting lost??
Does the switch need a 12V supply?? If so, could I just run a 12V supply in and then see if it works??

Any help most gratefully appreciated!!

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