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I had problems with the front left headline on my Peugeot 307 and found out that the plug was defective. I tried wiggling the cables, searching for the cold contact, but nothing helped.
Took it to the service, replacing the whole cable tree wiring would cost me +300€. So I fixed it myself, bought some of these ( 4.8mm blau.JPG), cut of the plug and soldered, plugged each cable back on and it worked for more than a year.

When things work, you forget about it.... But now I have problems with it and I would like to solder on a new original plug. But can't find one. Don't know how it's called, if it's even available as a replacement part. Trying to find any used cable trees at junk yards - didn't have any luck yet.

Image of the said plug: Peugeot 307 headlight plug - Imgur

Any help or hint would be greatly appreciated. Name of the plug, link, anything.
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