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Hi so I’m after some advice, as I am not a car person!
I bought a used 208 (2014 plate) in June, I had an issue with my speaker system and have just had a new head unit fitted due to it being faulty. Before today, my cars touchscreen had the standard touchscreen with just Bluetooth on it, e.g no connected apps or sat nav. However when I got it back today, the system is completely different it’s the model SMEG5.2.C.R1, and now has the connected apps on it. I’ve tried to activate it all on the Peugeot app however saying my car is incompatible. I just wondered if anyone knew how I could make it compatible or whether this is something Peugeot could sort? I would love to have the satnav on it, I’d accepted not having it due to it not being in budget before, but now I have the software, surely there’s a way of making it compatible? Would love some advice! I’ve searched everywhere and struggling to find any answers!
I’ve attached some pics for reference
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