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Blast & Damned computers closed down the session as I was posting..... now where was I ?

Ah yes

Just read your other post and it could possibly be a headgasket issue as you have a lot of white smoke / steam. as for accurate diagnosis of this you could purchase one of these or ring round local garages and see if they offer the test

Engine CO2 Leak Detector Fluid Tool & Tester * Check For Cylinder Head Leaks | eBay

My experiance when the head gasket blew just as i entered Scotlnd on a 1999 vectra sri that I owned was

For 6 months if the car was parked up for more than 20 minutes it would steam like an old steam train for about 15 minutes until it was completely warm. It went pop @ 70 mph dash lit up like an xmas tree telling me to stop.
It was now running rough and lumpy, No oil in Coolant and no Mayonnaise like substance in the oil. when the engine was running the temp gauge just went up to near max then down to min then back up and so on. After a few hours in the services decided to drive it home. I bought plenty of water and drove her slowly down the motorway as it was winter and very cold kept stopping at every other junction / services and refilled it with water. got home after 200 miles & several hours. when I took the head off to repair I had 1 very clean cylinder where all the coolant had basically steam cleaned the engine and only a dribble of coolant in the oil where i think i spilt it to be honest.

so 1st port of call would be ring round and see if anyone has one of those testers and go from there
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