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Hi all i have done a quick search and couldnt find this thread so sorry if this has already been covered but do the head gaskets go much on the 307
mine is a 1.4cc 2002 plate done 100,000 miles i bought it not long back and was happy with the price,ive noticed that i have put water well i have put antifreeze in it ,twice in a month (first time when i got it home as it was just low) in header tank

i took car to local gargage who said there is a slight oil leak coming from top left side of engine which could mean head gasket going but not to worry and has years left in it ?

i always owned rovers which as you know once the car starts to drink water it means head gasket going but garage assured me these dont have the same symtoms as rover when head gasket goes

heaters blow nice and hot,car does not overheat or anything?
any light on this would be great

also there is a whine/scoring sound from gearbox ive heard on here its fixable but at what cost ?

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