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Really need a little diasnogtic help here.:(

Car : Peugeot 207 HDI 1,6 (90) 2007

Ok, had a problem with the EGR valve and got the code P0405. Also got all possible other codes, so try to unplug the ERG valve. Then it ran fine and only P0405 error was there. Drove about a month's time without problems, but then the car started to cut off, and sometimes turn off the engine while driving.

Changed the diesel filter and it could start again. However, still made radom cut off and turning off the engine while driving.

The other day it died completely and had to push it home. It will not start, at all. It turns over, but nothing happens.

Dont know if it's a coincidence, but tried to code the key, and it happened the day after.

There is diesel pressure at the injectors. and no error codes, other than P0405.

Have tried to reset BSI several times, but does not help.

I think it could be the wiring harness, or maybe the immobilizer..

All the errors are completely random and unrelated to warm or cold engine or otherwise.

Could somebody point me in the right direction.. :)

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Try the beep test link here to see if your key is still recognised first.
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