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Having problems no one knows what it is

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I own 308, year 2019. Benz, 3 cilinder. Motor 1,3.

For the past 2 weeks my car has 2x just stopped working and i could not move. Once I drove to the parking lot and it stopped. No error sign. I tried to turned it on and the 3td time i turned on, but i could not move the car, going forward or backward. I shut down the car and tried again to turn it on, this time i turned on immediately and than i put a lot of gas, to force the car on the parking spot cause i was standing in the middle of the parking lot. I arranged my car to be picked up and drove to near by city. I came the next morning at 9am and i was calling for someone to fix it. While we were waiting i turned on the car. It started immediately, made a short drive. Absolutely no problem. What was wrong is that the language in the comouter changed from english to french all by itself!! The first mechanic said that Spark plugs on the car need to be changed. That they need to be original peugeot and i had bosch inside, because last year someone stole my original ones. Just like someone stole my original peugeot battery. I have been only by original peugeot services, but this is the situation here in slovenia when you have a new car. Anywqy the mechanic changed. I checked the battery 2x,cause i had problems last year with battery. First it was stolen and they put inside a non appropriate one which was damaging my car, than i bought a new one with the stop feautre possibility and it worked for excatly 5 monrhs. Last year in december had to change the battery yet again to energizer company and so far that is OK.

II have new original spark lights, the mechanic said everything ok now.
2 days later car brokes down again. In the morning for the first time i get warning red light that there is something wrong with the machine. I shut down, start again and drive for 100m. Strange noise. Shut down. Start again. Warning sign. Shut down. Start again and no problem. I drive 340km to slovakia. When i arrive at the main city car brokes down. The same thing. I cant start. When i start i cant move. Than letting him be for 10min it starts and i can drive. From slovakia i drove to hungary. 2 hour drive. Right at my destination breaks down.

WWhen i drive in the lower gear the car behaves as someone was blocking him, when i drive in upper gear and 150km per hour, no problem. High speed gives me no problems. Low speed does. In slovakia the car broke down at traffic light. In hungary when i started driving slow.

I Have 3 men working on this case now, cause no one seems to have the knowledge what is going on and i will definilty need more men or one great mind who is a real professional!

Today i had no problems with my car. My car was taking a break now for 6 days. I went and payed for computer check at the 3th mechanic and this are the results.

Please check the results and come back with ideas, so we can all TOGETHER find the solution for my car, which is giving me problems, but I still love it and driving is very comfrtoable. I would not change my car for any other car.

Best regards,

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I think you may have at least two unrelated problems with your car.

1 Car not moving
If I understand correctly when you were in the parking lot the car's engine started but the car wouldn't move. I suspect the most likely cause is the electric parking brake didn't release.

You also mentioned the car's computer changed the language setting from French to English by itself. The most likely cause for this is the car's BSI (Built-in System Interface/ Body System Interface) lost electrical power. I suspect that this why the parking brake didn't release as well. Possibly a bad battery or earth connection.

I suspect that if there is a problem with the spark plugs it's not related to your main problem. I see nothing wrong with Bosch spark plugs provided they are specified for the car. Peugeot don't make spark plugs they buy them from companies such as Bosch.

Your car has a stop-start system which places a heavy load on the battery. That is why it is important to have the right battery for the car. The main consequence of having the wrong battery is the stop-start system may not work.

2 Diagnostic Results
I suspect these fault codes are why your mechanic thought there was a spark plug issue. However, given you are not getting a problem at higher speeds I think a faulty fuel injector is more likely.

I suspect the cylinder No 2 injector is injecting too much fuel. It may be possible to clean the injector otherwise it will need replacing.
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Ian thank you very much for your advice. I have forwarded your message to 5 different men and will certenly make sure that everythinng you mentioned ia being checked.

My father found out it could be the sensors.

I did however get original sparks from peugeot. I saw the package and the package had peugeot written on it. I know the package for bosch as well. Bosch sparks costed me about 25 eur. Puegot sparks costed me each 25e.i got thwm in austria.

The stop and go is working very good now, after the sparks have been changed. Just like when i bought the car.
I did however get original sparks from peugeot. I saw the package and the package had peugeot written on it. I know the package for bosch as well. Bosch sparks costed me about 25 eur. Puegot sparks costed me each 25e.i got thwm in austria.
If you buy a Peugeot part is comes in Peugeot packaging. Peugeot source their parts from multiple supplies and you rarely find the official Peugeot number on the actual item it is only on the packaging.
No reason to buy spark plugs from car manufacturer, on the spark plug from Bosch will be heat number and type.

superplus_designationcodes_10.pdf (
Spark Plug Condition Identification.pdf (
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