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Hi, hopefully this could help others as there is no information out there and the handbook fuse diagram lacks detail.

I probed around with a voltmeter and this is what worked for me. There were other fuses and even empty slots, but they were either not labelled in the handbook (I'd rather not disable some system only a garage can re-enable or reset) or almost impossible to reach.

Fuse box is behind the lower glovebox on the left (UK).
Fuses are Mini size. It'd be nice if they told you in the handbook...
I used a Garmin 56 with the Garmin parking mode adapter.
Ground (black wire) goes to a very easy to access 10mm bolt on the left of the fuse box. Careful not to unplug that airbag cable when you remove the plastic trim.
Yellow (BAT) cable is your constant ON power needed for the parking mode. You also NEED this to be connected in order for the camera to work with Ignition powered driving mode.
Red (ACC) is your power on ignition cable. Turns on the dash cam when the ignition is switched ON. (Only works if BAT is also connected)

For Red (ACC) if you use fuse F31 or F32 you'll need a B type TAP piggy back cable, due to lack of space on the right of the fuses. Orientation is important or your dash cam will not be running through the fuse. End of the TAP piggy back near the cable leading to your dash cam is the 'negative'. End furthest away has the +12 V. See diagram.

For Yellow (BAT) F29 seems ideal, but is hard to reach. I used F27 and all seems well. I won't be using the heater, while the car is off, so power draw should be safe. These parking mode adapters have a voltage limiter so if the feed goes say below 11.5 V it cuts out in order to sustain enough charge in the car battery to start up. Quite nice.

I used a 5A fuse for both. It's important to use no larger fuse than what's in the original fuse space.


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