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I ordered a Gt version, Nimbus Grey 23rd January 2017. Only extra is a Tow Bar. This was ordered through a Leasing company, and the only reason for ordering the GT version was because the figures worked out cheaper to do so! Promised delivery was March end, before new Tax rules. This slipped to April, then I last heard May/June. When asked for reasons, nothing forthcoming. I wrote to David Peel a week ago last Tuesday, he replied and said his team would look into it. Nothing heard as of yesterday, so asked if their was any news? Reply today as follows:

We've now had the chance to consider***your recent enquiry and respond. Thank you for contacting the Peugeot Customer Care team.***

Thanks for your recent contact to David Peel about your concerns with the delay on your 3008. This has been referred to my Managing Director, who has reviewed your email ***with me and asked me to respond on his behalf.

I’d firstly like to apologise for the reasons which led you to write to David.

I’ve spoken to our distribution team and they’ve confirmed your vehicle will go into production in June with a delivery date for July.
I’m afraid the reason for the delay is because we’ve experienced a delay in the components required for the GT Dashboard, and with reduced volumes we’re trying our best to fulfil all orders at the earliest point. As a result, we’ll keep the dealership informed on your order direct.
I hope this clears things up; thanks again for contacting Peugeot customer care.

Kind regards.

So I could be looking at a 26 - 30 week delivery schedule, yet today same configuration on website quotes 16 weeks? Presumably dashboards will be ok by then! Also, they quote "reduced volumes"....David Peel told me in his first reply that demand was outstripping supply.

What's different with a GT dashboard to any other in the range to cause this delay? Surely they are all the same but any difference would be configurable with software?
I wouldn't mind if they had been honest with me a lot sooner. Why can't they just be up front, it would be a lot better for their customers I'm sure.
Rant over.
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