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Hi, my first post on the forums regarding a brake issue with my new(ish) 207.

The brakes grind at low speed braking mainly when im about to come to a stop. It sounds as though it's coming from the rear brakes.

I have taken it into peugeot to look at twice the first time at around 9000 miles second time was a 10000 mile service, both times they said they couldn't find a problem.

Now i've done a bit of research and all i can come up with is that the disks could have rusted a bit due to the wet weather or it could be the dirt and grit from the road?

Can anyone shed any light on this problem, and are peugeot wrong to tell me they are all fine.

I think all they did was check them they said they couldnt hear the noise but don't think they actually drove it anywhere to use the brakes.

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