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Hello from the frozen north.

Recently took possession of a 04' 1.6 Allure CC, with a reasonable service history and full yr MOT, and then joined this wonderful forum (also posted on another CC related forum, but very quiet there, hope here has more active members).

Not being one for small cars especially French ones (put off from a younger age), I thought my SWMBO would like it, which she does, I prefer the large estate version's of a certain Swedish manufacturer, due to their longevity & build quality. Having said that I am pleasantly surprised with this wee thing, handles very well and sticks to the road too, very comfy seats also a bonus, although somewhat plasticy inside.

Roof works well, although needs a little press down on the front corner drive side boot lid to stop the sing song and complete open/close cycle, had a brief look and tried adjusting the striker plate to get it to lock off the micro-switch, but needs further adjustment, or perhaps even adjusting the cable may help. Will play more when i get some dry weather. Also greased the rear quarter windows as they were a tad slow on open/close cycle, much better now I may add.
Next on my list is a decent service oil/filter/air/plugs, then start on some of the rust patches underneath prior to giving it a decent under seal treatment. Are there any other areas prone to corrosion that I've yet to discover (i.e. hidden drain holes etc.)???

Hope too find out more from you all in due course.

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