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Hi All

Long term pug owner for over 32 years, owned a variety of 504/505 family estates, best cars I have ever owned, a 205, a 309, a couple of 306's and then a 206 which lasted me for over 13 years until a head gasket went. The bodywork looked as if it had been round a stock car track thanks to others on public car parks using it as for target practise so unfortunately had to scrap it. :-(

All have been solid cars and never had to be recovered dispensing the myth that all French cars are rubbish. Took a 505, with an 2ltr Turbo lump in it, from Birmingham down to the Italian Riviera with over 350k on the clock, with the original lump in it. Travelled non stop, except for ferry/fuel/toilets and it used no water or oil.

I have now acquired a 307 1.6 HDi, with 82k on the clock, for very little outlay, I have heard horror stories about this lump but it had a new clutch/flywheel about 20k ago and the cam-belt was changed 3years/ 15k ago. I know the history, oil changed every year, and it runs well, when I acquired it I knew it had a few niggles that need to be rectified in the fullness of time. The main ones being a Comm problem (standard pug niggle), but know a guy who can fix this, and an air con problem.

I don't want to be rude and just post asking for advise without saying hallo first, so hallo group.

Happy Motoring
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